Italy opens to open source
Posted by nero on February 10 2014 22:24:07

My country (Italy) is a country full of problems, many are very old and never solved. But sometimes things move in the right direction. And when it happens I feel I should give credit to it.
The Agency for Digital Italy published a set of rules on how to compare proprietary and open source software. Several agencies reported the news: the Open source observatory here, the Free Software Foundation Europe here and
This rules are supposed to be used when the public administration needs to choose a software to adopt. The aim is to favour open source to reduce costs of the public administration and create more competition. The guideline requires the public administrations to look for Free Software alternatives to proprietary solutions. An enforcement mechanism should make sure the the guideline is followed.
Carlo Piana for the FSFE and Stefano Zacchiroli, former Debian leader, partecipated in writing the document.
I know my country and before being excited for the change I want to be sure that there is actually one. We are renowned for our ability in circumventing rules and usually there is a lot of inertia that hampers fast changes. But there is the will to do something and this is already good.
In the words of Carlo Piana:

Now Free Software and re-use are the norm, proprietary software the exception. This is the most advanced affirmative action in Europe so far. I'm so proud that Italy leads the way, for once.

I'm proud too (for once).

Official annoucement (in italian)
Official document (in italian)