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About me:
I'm an italian student in physics, now in Germany to take the PhD. My field of research is in computational physics. In this field I work on multiferroics materials and on developing computational tools useful in treating this particularly complex systems.
I'm also a happy Linux user since 2001. In all those years I tried many different distributions but the only one I have regularly installed on my desktop and laptop is Debian. I also program in C/C++ since some years and I'm learning Fortran that is the most common language in computational physics.

This web space is centered around two main topics. In the articles section there are small howtos and guides written by me to remember how to do this or that. I hope that other people can find them useful.
Since my work involves development of big and small piece of code, I have also a section devoted to codes and projects. I mainly use C/C++ and Fortran so almost all codes will be written in those languages. But I'm trying to improve my Python, in the future maybe you will se something in this language.
The news section is to post thing that I find interesting about Linux and Physics but will be for the most used to present new contents of the site.


Contact me: 
Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions, complaints or any reason. The best way to contact me is the Contact page.


All written contents like posts and articles are released under the Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons License

All the codes are released under the GPLv3 license so use them as you prefer but remember that all codes are released without any warranty. I don't pretend the code to be bug free, fast and reliable so if you have any suggestion on possible bugs or improvement contact me with the Contact page, I will correct the code as soon as possible.

GPLv3 License

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